Procedure & Policies for maintaining & utilizing Physical, Academic & Support facilities

The facility of laboratory is used under strict observation of teacher& Lab assistant, Laboratory
manuals are available for guidance to students, Chemical & glassware issue register is
maintained to issue the glassware & chemicals. Stock is checked periodically & if any repairing
or maintenance work is there then its communicated to store department through HOD for
further course of action.

Library is core part of any academic Institute, Books & journals (Printed & E- Journals) are made
available to students through book issue register. Students are mandated to maintain a library
card to keep records of book issued. Del-Net facility is extended to all the staff & students. Book
Bank has been started to help student to use books without buying it by paying small amount. A
Usage register is maintained for staff & students separately for entry in the library.

Sports Equipments:
Institute has appointed a Sports Director to aid & advice students in sports. He informs students
about various competitions across the nation to the students. Majority of sports Equipments
are made available to the students through issue register by the director. Various competitions
are organized in the institute annually to cater a platform for development of students apart
from academics.

Computers are indispensable part of any academic institute these days. Internet facility is
extended to the student to all computers. Wi-Fi facility is also provided to the students through
which they can access internet on their smartphones. Log Books are maintained at all the
computers. Entry is strictly prohibited for outsiders Entry register is maintained in the computer
lab to use the computer. Annual stock verification is done to assess the status of all computers.

Seminar Hall:
Seminar hall has audio-video facility. The facility is used for all the academic, Cultural activities.
The charge of seminar hall has been assigned to store department. In order to avail the facility
of seminar hall an application is required to be made with due approval from head of the
Institute. The entire sister concerns use the facility for their various programme. Periodic
assessment is done to check the status of seminar hall.