Best Practices





Following are the two best practices implemented in our institution
1. Staff Academic Activity
Objective :
This practice was implemented in order to trained teaching and non-
teaching staff , to improve their knowledge , to make understand the situation of
the society, to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of individuals.
Staff Academic Activity was implemented in our institution as per academic
schedule for all Teaching and non Teaching Staff. This activity is done every end
of the week i.e on the Friday. Teaching Staff deliver their presentation of their
interest subject on schedule date.
The topics covered were as follows:-
Customs And Tradition – Dr. Amol Kulkarni
ICT tools- Dr. Vishnu Niharkar
Organic Farming – Dr. Swati Deshmukh
Tea –Mr. Ganesh Mhaske
Bulls and Bears – Mr. Sagar Kore
Soft Drinks – Mrs. Nishigandha Mestry
Life of star – Mr. Makarand Puri

After each presentation we have take feedback of all the teaching and non teaching
staff . The feedback included following points to evaluate the presentation
Informative Content , Communication skills, Creative, topic of value interest,
defense, timeliness .

2. Teacher – Students guardian system(student card)
Objective :
This system was implemented
 To extend the emotional and academic support ,
 To ensure that the students are regularly attending the college and for leave
should concern to mentor
 To motivate the students participation in extra curriculum activities.
 To have one to one interaction with students
 It is an effective way through which students can discuss several issues.
 To monitor academic performance of students.
 To know the academic progress of student
 To guide the students for their future growth .
 To improve poor performance of students by counseling.
The student card contain following points:-
1. Student Detail information
2, Parent Details
3.Details of fees deposited
4. Attendance record of student
5. Student progress report
6. Parent meeting record
7. Student participation in other activity
8. Student leave details
9. Student Teacher guardian interaction record
In this , each teacher monitor 20 students throughout the B.Pharm studies. This
helps to build up a familiar atmosphere between teacher and student . So that the
students problems can be solved easily .